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Freedom Monument RigaThe travel guide about Latvia

Latvia Guide covers one of the Baltic countries located between the other two Estonia (in the north) and Lithuania (in the south).
Latvia is becoming increasingly popular for tourists due to the many sights it has to offer in combination with low prices when compared to other European countries.  Since May 2004 it is a member of the EU.
Riga is the capital and also the largest city in Latvia with 700,000 inhabitants. The only other city with over 100,000 people is Daugavpils with 110,000. These cities also have the largest universities.
A total of 2,300,000 people live in the country, most of them Latvians (60%), but also a large number of Russians (28%). Latvia became independent in August 1991 after the end of Soviet control.
The Latvian language is rather similar to Lithuanian.
Thanks to Air Baltic which is based in Riga the transportation to Riga for tourists is accessible from many countries. Find out more on how to travel to Latvia.
Riga is a pure gem, the beauty of the Old Town can hardly be compared to other cities, so see it for yourself. More on Riga and also if you only have one day in Riga.
You will also find sections on the second and third largest cities of Daugavpils and Liepäja aswell as on the intersting places of Cesis and Ventspils.
If you need tips for a winter vacation or a summer vacation in Latvia there is also advice. 
And of course with Latvia Guide you can discover the variety of Latvian food.

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